5 Reasons | Why Devs Should Use Docker

Before going towards why Devs Should Use Docker?, let me highlight the most unresolved compatibility issues that developers were facing across the globe from last decades, and If you are a developer or a programmer too, you must have come across a situation in your life where something (program or application) working fine on your machine was going through bugs and errors after migrating to another device or if you work for a corporate then your boss must have said something similar just like the illustration below.

No worries anymore. We have something for you that will save your boss’s taunt and that is called “Docker”.


DotCloud initiated a project in 2010 called the Docker project. Docker was left open-source from 2013 and onwards for contributors across the globe. let’s not get into boring stuff like how it came rather, focus on what Docker is?

What is Docker?

The next question that probably comes to your mind would be what is docker.???

Then let me introduce you to Docker real- quick. you have heard of virtualization before all it does is just create a virtual environment on an existing real environment installing its separate operating system on top of the existing OS. All virtualization does is make your machine slower, consume more resources, installing multiple virtual O.S but in comparison to that Docker creates a virtual environment called “Container” and that container uses the Kernel of the Pre-installed O.S thus the container is lightweight and easy to migrate across different environments and machines.

How Docker Works

Before going towards the reasons why devs should use docker, let us have a glimpse of how docker works in real-time.

Docker simply uses the containerization concept, to run the app or program with its resources thus making it easy to migrate without worrying about the environment, In short, it is easier to just migrate and run the app on any platform with docker containers rather than migrating and setting all the environment with every migration.

Reasons, Why Devs Should Use Docker?

Now you will be wondering why devs should use docker and how it will be helpful in everyday development tasks or what makes it the best choice for you? Well Below are some reasons why you should quickly Start using Docker right now.

Why devs should use Docker?
Why devs should use Docker?

1# Docker Container:

Docker uses its specialized virtual environment generally called a “Docker-Container” or simply “Container”.Docker modifies the concepts of Virtual machines that consume a large number of system resources and we need to have a separate O.S for every Virtual Environment. that makes the system slower but Docker-Container revolutionizes this by running multiple containers simultaneously on a single O.S using its kernel resources and thus doesn’t affect systems speed.

Docker Container Vs Virtual Environment
Docker Container Vs Virtual Environment

2# Running multiple App-variants:

As the name suggests Docker makes it possible to simply run multiple versions and variants of applications on a single system just by using Docker Containers. Every Container has a separate environment Completely separated and isolated thus facilitating devs in their development.

3# Isolation:

Isolation must be the key element behind Docker Container. It separates one environment from the other. In addition, devs can run multiple containers simultaneously without worries of compatibility just by maintaining a separate isolated environment in a separate container.

4# Migration:

Migration is the conundrum left unresolved for many years. A bottleneck for dev-organizations causing product delivery hurdles. When an app is migrated to another environment it encountered runtime errors. Docker containers save from these kinds of headaches. The migrating container is way easier and saves a lot of time.

5# Security:

Security today matters more than anything else. Docker containers are more secure because of isolation but you can add multi-layered security depending on your project requirements.

Security in Docker


In a nutshell, Docker is simply one solution to multiple problems previously faced by developers across the globe ranging from Virtual environments to security, dependency, and migration. Docker is way faster than V.M’s and easy to use.

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