How CBSE is Using Blockchain | Blockchain Implementation

THE Central Board of Secondary Education has implemented blockchain to secure its result. CBSE aimed to provide students with paperless yet more secure results. your will be wondering How CBSE is Using Blockchain well this blog is just for your guide here. Read till the end and you will get plenty out of it.

Blockchain implementation.
Blockchain helps CBSE provide secure, tamper-proof results

The key factors that urged CBSE to employ Blockchains systems. Blockchains are tamper-proof and secure. The Centre of Excellence for Blockchain Technology of the NIC ()National informatics Sector fully supported CBSE to counter this herculean task. CBSE under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) targeted to develop secure Academic blockchain Documents (ABCD) software.

How CBSE is Using Blockchain
CBSE implementing Blockchain

Blockchains are the need of the hour. it’s famous among a number of organizations today. The people who don’t trust anybody can avail the opportunity and go for blockchain. But Beware, even the best-designed blockchain systems can fail. Things can get very messy. Situations, where technical math and software rules come into contact with humans. Even the best of the best system can’t survive.

But without having a concept of what blockchain is. and how it works? you will be unable to get an idea of what CBSE has achieved.

What is Blockchain?

Without any further do let’s have a quick look at Blockchain?

Blockchain for the first time was introduced back in 1991. Its most popular application was Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009 after that it hiked fame.

How CBSE is Using Blockchain?
How CBSE is Using Blockchain?

If you are a beginner to Blockchains, no need of worries we have already published another Blog about Blockchain, where you can learn more about blockchain, its key concepts, and its basics.

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Why Blockchain is So secure?

Property or ownership documents can be easily changed. These documents fall prey very easily when they were transferred using an electronic medium. But what if these documents have multiple copies distributed across a special Blockchain network. Whenever a single block is changed the whole chain will get changed, But the point here is that it can automatically be restored by the original copy. The hacker needs to change it all across the network at the same time but that is almost impossible. That is something blockchain comes up with. The CBSE followed the same concept. It is wise to tackle modern problems with modern solutions.

Distributed Chain Security

How CBSE is Using Blockchain Technology?

CBSE is using Time Stamped Documents and Immutable Ledger concept thus by distributing multiple copies CBSE is adding timestamps and distributing its result over the whole network based on multiple locations. so, if the attacker wants to tamper he will not be able to change results. Only, In case when a hacker has successfully changed its result, the system will regenerate the block and hence the whole chain would be altered. This leads to easy detection of where and how the result data has been altered.


CBSE has paved a brick in adapting Blockchain in its services and set an example, motivating other Organizations to adopt this technology and secure their data. Blockchain not only builds trust but also enhances precise error-free transactions and there is no chance of monopoly or unitary authority which allows merit-based conses power decision.

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